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AWS Lambda Security Threats and Mitigations

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda is a popular serverless computing platform that allows users to run code without the need to manage infrastructure. While it offers many benefits, like scalability and low costs, it also comes with some potential security threats that you should be aware of and take steps to mitigate. Security is important to AWS Lambda for several reasons. First, Lambda functions often process sensitive data, such as customer information, financial records, and personal data. If this data were to be accessed or modified by unauthorized parties, it could result in serious harm to individuals and businesses. Therefore, […]


Securing AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Introduction to securing Amazon Notification Service (SNS) Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a fully managed, scalable messaging service that enables you to send notifications to endpoints such as mobile devices, email addresses, and other services. While SNS is a highly secure and reliable service, there are potential threat scenarios that you should be aware of and take steps to mitigate. Securing Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is important for several reasons. First, SNS is a critical component of many cloud-based applications and services, and securing it can help ensure the reliability and availability of these applications. For example, if […]

Bug Bounty Platform Comparison

Bug Bounty Platform Comparison Beyond The Buzzwords

Introduction I have been doing Bug bounties for over 8 years now as a researcher on different platforms (Hackerone, Bugcrowd, Synack etc) but recently I had recent experience in bug bounties from the other side of the table, from the program side. After conducting the feature assessment and POCs of major platforms (an activity spanning over three months) I would like to share my experience which would hopefully help you choose the “right” platform to achieve your bounty objectives. This Bug Bounty Platform Comparison post focuses on why you need a bug bounty platform, criteria, and considerations in choosing the […]

HTTP header blind sql injection example

HTTP header Blind SQL injection Example

Introduction This post is the second in a series of noob-friendly posts that I am doing on SQL injection. Earlier I explained Second Order SQL Injections with Example. So in this post, I will be explaining the HTTP header Blind SQL injection, I prepared a Demo for the HTTP header Blind SQL injection For Example, HTTP has many reserved header fields the header I am choosing for the demonstration is the referrer header.  What is HTTP Referrer Header? A referrer header is an HTTP header field, it’s simple job is to identify where the request originated from, for example, if […]

insider threat - cyber security

Information Security Checklist for Small to Medium Organizations

Introduction Organizations in today’s digital world hold data of their customers and clients which makes them a target for hackers, Organisations must follow robust cyber security policies/standards/guidelines to protect themselves, their employees, and most importantly their data against a wide range of threats. A Information security checklist helps organizations keep a track of their cyber security health to make sure an attacker cannot get unauthorized access to information that is stored on devices such as servers, databases, cloud, workstations, etc. Cyber incidents are on the rise, organisations are continuously attacked by threat actors that can range from lone wolfs to […]

STRIDE Threat Modelling vs DREAD Threat Modelling

STRIDE Threat modelling Which THREAT modelling framework/methodology should I go for? This is a very common question nowadays, since the “Shift-left revolution”, we have all been trying to introduce security as early into the SDLC as possible (if we aren’t? we should!). THREAT modelling is the foundational activity of shifting left, which basically means finding threats early into the SDLC. Finding threats early in the software development lifecycle helps you save costs in terms of time, finances and more importantly possible reputational damage. Now that you are sold on doing threat modelling in the design phase of SDLC, the question […]

My CISSP exam review and certification journey

I recently passed the CISSP exam! This post is about my journey to CISSP, Why I choose to do it, the study material I used and how I prepared for the exam. Why? In my university days, I started doing freelance penetration testing, bug bounties and then joined a company where I used to do on-site penetration testing for clients. Over the years I realized that penetration testing as a field is getting saturated and shrinking because of a number of reasons, for example, introduction of framework based applications running on cloud-based architecture means my penetration testing skills are down […]