Oracle SQL Injection Guides and Whitepapers

Introduction SQL Injection is a hot topic like always, I have been explaining SQL injections with examples in my series of interesting SQL injection attacks, but this time I have gathered some resources on Oracle SQL Injection which can be handy for both penetration testers and developers alike. Oracle SQL Injection Guides and Whitepapers Oracle […]

Microsoft Security Bulletin

Critical Vulnerability in Microsoft Translator hub writeup 1

Introduction A month back I was hunting for Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Web services, as Microsoft has large online infrastructure, finding a vulnerability which could lead to Microsoft hall of fame for security researchers wasn’t difficult. While browsing around their online services, one of their services, Microsoft hub translator caught my eye. Microsoft hub translator is and […]

Twin City Tester’s meetup at FAST University

Few days back , I was at FAST University for Twin City Testers meetup. The “Twin Cities Testers Meetup” (TCTM) was held on February 17th, 2015 at FAST Islamabad campus. The meetup was attended by more than 60 professionals from software testing and quality assurance industry, representing over 30 companies along with presence from the Academia.   I […]

Penetration testing talk at FAST

Referer Header SQL injection Example

Referer Header Based Blind SQL Injection Explained With Example 1

Introduction Hello everyone, this post is third in series of posts that I will be doing on SQL injection. Earlier I explained Second Order SQL Injections with Example and Column Truncation SQL injection Vulnerabilities Hopefully I will be doing more of these, focusing only on topics that are not well explained anywhere else and providing examples so that […]

Open URL Redirection in MSN earned Microsoft Hall of fame 1

Hi, Some time back I was hunting MSN for Security related bugs, mainly for getting Microsoft Hall of fame. Microsoft has a hall of fame for security researchers who find vulnerabilities in microsoft online infrastructure, security researchers are then acknowledged by Microsoft in their hall of fame. I was interested in getting there, although i […]

Open URL redirection in MSN earned Microsoft Hall of fame